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A Prospective Study on Auricular Burns

Ramesha K T, Amaresh Biradar, and Shankarappa M
Dept of Plastic Surgery and Burns , MBCC 1st floor, Victoria Hospital, Fort, Bangalore-560002.

Abstract—Introduction: The ear is one of the organ that is most commonly involved in thermal burns. As there is absence of subcutaneous tissue in the ears, which makes the cartilage vulnerable to burns leading to chondronecrosis.The study was conducted to document the nature of injury, early detection and management of auricular burns and chondritis. Methods and Methodology: It is a prospective study from September 2012 to February 2013, a total of 50 patients with 74 auricles were included in the study. All the ear burns were treated with local antibiotic cream and dressing. The patients who had chondritis were undertaken for surgical intervention. Results: A total of 74 auricles were studied. Anterior surface was involved in 60 auricles and 14 auricles had both the surfaces. Chondritis developed in 12 auricles. Total ear loss occurred in 4 cases. Conclusion: Auricular burns can lead to chondritis and ear deformity. It is difficult to treat once chondritis sets in .the incidence of chondritis and ear deformity can be reduced by topical application of antibiotics and regular dressing. Once the chondritis develops, surgical management is indicated.

Index Terms—Auricular burns, Chondritis,Thermal burns, Ear deformity

Cite: Ramesha K T, Amaresh Biradar, and Shankarappa M, "A Prospective Study on Auricular Burns," International Journal of Pharma Medicine and Biological Sciences, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 99-103, October 2013.
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