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Anti-Nutrients Survey of Three Maize Varieties Consumed In Abakaliki, Metropolis Nigeria

Ugwu Okechukwu P C1, Nwodo Okwesili F C1, Joshua Parker E1, Bawa Abubakar2, Ossai Emmanuel C1, Odo Christian E1, and Afiukwa Celestine A 3
1 Department of Biochemistry, University of Nigeria,Nsukka, Enugu State,Nigeria.
2 Department of Preliminary and Remedial Studies, Federal Polytechnic Mubi, Adamawa State, Nigeria.
3 Department of Biotechnology, Ebonyi State University, Abakiliki, Nigeria.

Abstract—Three major maize varieties found in Abakiliki metropolis in Nigeria namely the pop corn, white corn and yellow corn were screened for their antinutrient contents at the Project Development Institute Enugu, Nigeria. The maize varieties were collected from Abakpa and Kpirikpiri Markets, all in Abakaliki metropolis. The results showed that saponin concentration ranged from 0.0003 ± 0.0004mg/g in the white corn to 0.0024 ± 0.0004mg/g in the yellow corn,while the lethal level of saponin is 0.2mg/g. Phenols ranged from 0.0009 ± 0.0005mg/g in the yellow corn to 0.00092 ± 0.0002 mg/g in popcorn , but the lethal level of phenol is 0.3 mg/g. The concentration of flavonoid ranged from 0.0030 ± 0.0006 mg/g in the yellow corn to 0.0049 ± 0.0004 mg/g in the pop corn and its lethal level is 0.35 mg/g. Alkaloids concentration ranged from 0.0017 ± 0.0004 mg/g in yellow corn to 0.00250 ± 0.00007 mg/g in the pop corn, but its lethal level is 0.025 mg/g. The results generally indicated that the concentration of these antinutrients in the maize varieties consumed in Abakaliki are significantly ( p < 0.05) lower than their various lethal levels in animal.

Index Terms—Anti-nutrients, Pop corn, White corn, Yello corn

Cite: Ugwu Okechukwu P C, Nwodo Okwesili F C, Joshua Parker E, Bawa Abubakar, Ossai Emmanuel C, Odo Christian E, and Afiukwa Celestine A, "Anti-Nutrients Survey of Three Maize Varieties Consumed In Abakaliki, Metropolis Nigeria," International Journal of Pharma Medicine and Biological Sciences, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 12-17, April 2013.
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